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6 DOF VR simulator: mountain bike (picture) Custom-made 4 DOF simulator: mehari (picture) Custom-made 4 DOF simulator: mehari (picture) Custom-made 8 DOF simulator: motorbike (picture) Custom-made 8 DOF simulator: motorbike (picture) 6 DOF VR simulator: paraglider (picture) 6 DOF VR simulator: U1 and S1 (picture) 6 DOF VR simulator: ski (picture)
6 DOF VR simulator: MiNi6, model U3 (picture) Futuroscope ride announcement (picture) Futuroscope ride setup (picture) 6 DOF VR simulator: MiNi6, model U6 (picture) 6 DOF VR simulator: MiNi6, model U1 (picture) Motocross simulator (picture) GP motorbike simulator (picture) SLR simulator (picture)
Customized steering-wheel (picture) LiTe Red Bull simulator (picture) LiTe Michelin simulator (picture) Simulator factory (picture) LiTe simulator (picture) LiTe helicopter simulator (picture) XL simulator (picture) Pilote Trainer 3D ergometer (picture)


The ellip6 project timeline : 1996 - Creation of Survey-Copter > 2009 - First 6 DOF prototype > 2010 - ellip6 > 2011 - e6 LAB > 2016 - 7 DOF motorbike simulator > 2017 - 6 DOF VR seats > 2018 - Ride at the Futuroscope > 2018 - Paraglider and ski VR simulators > 2019 - Ride at Mirabilandia PArks > 2020 - Mountain bike VR simulator > 2021 - E6 CONCEPT > 2021 - Méhari simulator at the Pastis museum > ? e6-concept

In 1996, while he was still an engineer in the Comex company, Pierre TANTOT created Survey-Copter, which, in time, became an international actor in aeronautics and defense.

Early 2009, in the context of its research and development programmes, teams started working on a concept simulating the pitching of boats for the landing of UAVs. Faced with with the quality of the prototype, they decided to apply this technology to motor racing.

The ellip6 project got started in 14 months with the creation of the first centre in Pierrelatte.

The parent company of the project, Survey-Copter, became e6 LAB in 2011, after the acquisition of the UAVs and industrial engineering branch by the EADS group (now known as the Airbus group).

Following the creation of the XL, LT and motorbike simulators, a new range of products appeared with the development of virtual reality headsets.

In 2017, e6 Lab designed the MiNi simulator. Dedicated to virtual reality, it is available in 3 models : U1 (1 seat), U3 (3 seats) and U6 (6 seats).

The dynamic seats created by e6 Lab were set up in the Futuroscope theme park for their first virtual reality ride, aboard the car of French racing champion Sébastien Loeb.

This year also saw the creation of new VR simulator models: the S1 for all ski, snowboard or surf type activities, and the W1 for paragliding, parachuting and wingsuit simulations.

Early 2019, 6 personalized motorbike simulators were set up in the Ducati World area of the Mirabilandia theme park in Italia.

A new simulator joined the others in 2020: a mountain bike VR simulator.

Early 2021, e6 LAB split into 3 associated companies : e6 Concept for general purposes, e6 Research focusing on R&D and e6 Support specializing in maintenance.

The company then started creating custom-made simulators, the first being a Méhari simulator for the MX, the Pernod-Ricard Pastis museum at the Docks Village in Marseille.

E6 Concept delivered a Ski Simulator, in partnership with the Dynaflow Company at Courchevel

3 New simulators from E6 Concept workshops innovative new technology, -- Car / Motorcycle / Helicopter Documentation : Moto / Car


6 DOF or moreOnline races (LAN & internet)Set up in less than 10 minutesHuman sized220V power supplyTechnical on-callRegular updatesCan be used intensively 24/7Green activityEasily transportable (normal drinving license)Fine-tuned by the pro driversFrench fabrication


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You want to kick into high gear ? Get your own simulator at home and join the online drivers communities.

Watch the last videoclip of the simulator


Don't miss the future. A matchless opportunity to diversify your services. No variable financial expenses. A complete, flexible and evolving solution (software, communication, infrastructure) for the general public and the professionals.



Take advantage of the experience and expertise of our engineers. The feedback and behavior of your car are identically reproduced. Tracks are modelled to the centimeter. A coaching device economic and continuously available.


Create a buzz ! Being both a communication tool ahead of its time and a unique activity, it is your best bet for the promotion of a product, a reception or any other gathering. Cars and tracks will be sporting your colours. We can take care of the transportation and the welcoming of the public.


Magnify your reality! Our dynamic 6 DOF seats are now equiped for virtual reality. In addition to their realism, their conception will garantee an easy set up, controled maintenance costs and minimal elctrical consumption. These seats are up to the EN 13814 standard and are compatible with any simulation type thanks to our “Action Design” technology.

* Rates can vary according to your statutes or your geographic location → Please contact us

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Porsche car with an ellip6-themed covering (picture)